Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bye Bye Daddy

Tomorrow John leaves for MX. He'll be gone until Thursday. I am so proud of the man who is called Daddy by my children! He never ceases to help and serve others - a true gift that God has instilled w/in him. He is headed to Guanajuato to help in placement/give advice to one of MTW's new building projects. Even though we won't be involved with or serving in MX - his advice is needed and he didn't think 2x when he was asked to help - what a man!

His heart (our hearts) are yearning to be helping in Honduras...yesterday! We, however, are "trying" to wait patiently upon the Lord. The first building project in Honduras is ready to begin...just waiting on my talented hubby to get there..... It is the coolest property that our mission team has found and purchased. Right in the center is a HUGE mango tree. I can so envision a beautiful courtyard around that tree where work teams can hang out in the evenings, where we will be able to love on and disciple street kids, where Honduran kids on Sunday's can sit and hear bible stories and sing praises to our God....the list goes on of things that I would love to see in the near future. Yeah - I can get carried away....i am such the visionary....What a joy it will be to witness what God brings to fruition for the use of the mango tree! If you haven't yet seen it click here to watch a video and see the mango tree.

Thanks for your continued prayers as we continue to support raise for the last little bit of needed monthly pledges and of our one time support.
Thanks for your prayers for our health and safety (this week for John as he travels)
Thanks for your prayers for Honduras, for our team, and for the lives of those in Honduras who God wants to touch and change!

Have a great week!!!

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  1. Hey friend! I can't wait to see the mango tree! :-) Miss ya!