Monday, December 7, 2009

Wrapping Up!

Whewwwwww! That about sums it up. We feel like we have hardly had a moment to breath. Between traveling for Thanksgiving, support raising, finishing up responsibilities with things at the kids school, our moving sale and packing -- again, whhheeewwwww!

God is blessings. We praise Him in the storm and in the rainbows that follow. We trust in Him, knowing that in His time we will be in Honduras. Our 6 week challenge ends this Saturday. We have already decided that January 1st will not be our "leaving on a jet plane" date for Honduras. We will be staying in Lawrenceville, GA with Kathy's parents until God is ready for us to leave.

HUGE praise: we were able to sell all of our stuff and God blessed us abundantly with our moving sale! It was a crazy two days, but in the words of our kids when they came home from a friends house after the sale was over, "YEAH! All our stuff is gone!" This is also a huge praise as we have been praying that the kids would be ok as they see their belongings leave.

On December 21st we will load up what very few earthly possessions that we have left and head to John's parents. The few keepsake items that we didn't want to sale will be stored there. On Christmas Eve we will begin traveling to GA. On the 27th we will be visiting with our friends at Schere Memorial in Lake Wylie, SC.

John will be traveling to Guanajuato, MX the 11th - 14th of January with another missionary to help on a project. THEN....we hope it won't be too much longer after that before we can purchase plane tickets.

Kathy will begin homeschooling the kiddos for the 2nd half of the school year.

The kids...well, kids they will be -- I am sure they will more than enjoy time with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. It's been over 6 years since they have spent more than 2 weeks a year in GA with Kathy's family (w/the exception of the 3 weeks that the girls spent there last June).

Thanks for your continued prayers -- please continue to pray for this transition period.

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