Friday, December 25, 2009

These are the keepsake items in the RV that John drove up to his parents on December the 15th.
This is what we looked like leaving Harlingen on December 21st with everything that we own minus the RV and items pictured above.
Actually over 1/2 of what's pictured isn't even ours!!!

The ClowHillbillies leaving Harlingen

Our keepsake items from the RV and the black boxes contain our items that we will take to Honduras.

The ClowHillbillies saying goodbye to Texas and heading for GA with our clothes and a few other possessions that will use until we leave for Honduras.

I am so aggrevated right now -- I can't get the words and pics to line up right...agghghghghgh!!!

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  1. Don't worry girl - we "get the picture" Wow!!! Love ya! Can't wait to see ya!