Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last Saturday in Harlingen

Today is our crunch day for packing. Things are going pretty well and I am feeling less overwhelmed than I was this past week. We finished up all our responsibilities at the kids school and said goodbye Friday afternoon to some very special people. I tried to get away without tears -- yeah right! I am so grateful that God placed us at Bonham Elementary and that we had the privilege of knowing and becoming friends with many of the staff and students.

Last week we said goodbye to MX and I55. It was a special time as we were able to see some of the deaf students and parents in addition to the I55 staff. Seeing the kids in full communication with each other was an incredible site. It was mixed emotions as we said our final goodbyes to our first term of service.

Tomorrow -- Sunday -- we say goodbye to our church family at Covenant Pres. I told someone the other day that I just wasn't going to show up this Sunday...I think I might get in trouble if I do that!

Here's our schedule for this next week:
Monday: leave Harlingen and arrive at John's parents in Teague, TX.
Tuesday: having Christmas w/John's family
Wednesday: traveling to GA
Thursday - Friday: w/Kathy's family
Saturday: traveling to SC
Sunday: Speaking at Schere Memorial in Lake Wylie, SC
Monday: Back to GA w/ Kathy's family

I laugh because even if I wanted to tell you where we will be after next Monday I couldn't - cause I don't know! It's with such joy that I watch and walk this path of TRUST that God is teaching us. Oh well...we know tonight where we're sleeping anyway!!!

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