Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today would have been my daddy's birthday. I was five years old when he was killed in a car accident. I have few memories of my daddy, but there is one very special memory.....

I was either 3 or 4, not sure, and my daddy bought my mom an organ for HER birthday. He sat down with me and taught me how to play Happy Birthday. It wasn't until I was 11 that I began taking piano lessons and playing/practicing faithfully on an old player piano that my uncle had given me. Most notes stuck or didn't work at all, the ones that did...well, let's just say the piano was tone deaf! After more than a year of cringing every time I sat down to play, my parents (my mom had remarried by then) decided I was serious about piano and let me buy a brand new one with $ I had in an account because of the death of my father. The piano arrived on my thirteenth birthday.

In this process of selling most all of our belongings, the piano has been the one thing that I have struggled with getting rid of. We have been debating for 8 years: sell and buy an electric that we can travel with easily. There was no question with the move to Honduras -- it was time to sell. We have had it listed for about three months. Last week my neighbor told us that she wanted to buy it. Our neighbors have become like family to us this past is VERY special to me that the piano will be staying in the family...that her two little girls will learn to play on something that holds so much meaning for me.

Well....the same night she paid us for the piano, John went online and ordered me an electric keyboard. I am VERY excited about it...I know the kids are going to be excited as well. I can't wait to make special memories with my children as I teach THEM to play Happy Birthday!

God has blessed us so much -- so much more than we deserve. My heart is overwhelmed with how much and in how many different ways that God tells me He loves me, that He cares for me - even something as silly as a piano and the memories that are attached to it. As if I needed more blessings from Him .......

Today would have been my daddy's birthday -- today my new piano arrived!

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  1. Ok you have now given me a good cry. It is great to know God is true to His word...He's a father to the fatherless. I can't wait to see that new piano! I am so glad you have such a special memory!
    I love you!