Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Review

Check out this 2009 review of the ministry in Honduras. Our team leader, Mike Pettengill, put it together and posted on YouTube. It will give you a month-by-month overview of what the ministry has done this past year.

2009 Review for the Clows:
January: moved to TX and the oldest three enrolled in the local public school; attended a MTW required conference.
February: Attended a mission conference in FL. John attended a mission conference in SC.
March: John helped on a limited basis with I55 Work teams.
April: Spring break ended in Evan enrolling in 1/2 day kindergarten!
May: Kids finished up school and we prepared for 2 months traveling to attend more MTW required conferences.
June: John and Kathy in MI while the girls spent time with Kathy's parents and the boys spent time with John's parents. 12th anniversary, Si turned 8, John turned 41 and Evan turned 6
July: MTW summer conference and John and Kathy visited Honduras. Asked and accepted the call to join the Honduras Church Plant Team.
August: Back to South Texas to get ready for the school year. Kathy began serving as PTA president at the kids school: Abi and Bekah 4th, Si 2nd and Evan kinder. John began the task of raising support for our move to Honduras.
September: Kathy attended a training to become a facilitator for a child sexual abuse prevention course. Kathy also began substitute teaching.
October: Weeks spent at soccer practice and every Saturday at the soccer fields. John attended South TX Presbytery.
November: Abigail and Bekah turned 10; Kathy turned 36. Spent Thanksgiving with John's family.
December: Held our final garage sale - selling most all our earthly possessions; packed up the rest; and said goodbye to MX and South Texas. Spent Christmas with Kathy's family.

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