Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Austin

Tonight we are in Austin! We drove up last night and stayed with John's parents who live south of Dallas. Today we drove over to Austin and are staying with dear friends. In the am we will speak at their church and then at 2:00 we'll be at John's cousin's wedding. Tomorrow night we will head just north to Georgetown to spend an evening with more dear friends before heading back to John's parents for Thanksgiving week.

Praise: Just received an e-mail of a 120 a month pledge and a 1,000 one time!
Prayer: for our speaking engagement tomorrow and for safety as we travel. John's sister is in the middle of a separation that will more than not end in divorce. They have one daughter, 10. Please pray for them - and for us as we try and minister to them this week.

Please continue, also, to pray for our team in Honduras. Our team leader is still traveling in the states while the other missionaries "hold down fort".

Thanks for prayers for our health - kids are all better... I, Kathy, ended up having the Dr call in an antibiotic before we left - not sure if it's strep or a really bad sinus that is causing the throat to hurt from drainage - but, either way -- we covering our bases -- ( - :

Blessing to ALL

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