Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday - Abi and Bek

10 years ago - November 10th, 1999, Abigail Ruth Clow and Rebekah Ami Clow made us parents! I will never forget 10 years ago on the 9th as the Dr finally told me that she would take the girls. I was 37 weeks and 5 days. I had been BEGGING for weeks for her to induce and take the girls. She refused since there were no physical complications. Not according to her anyway. In my mind there were plenty! First, I could stretch my arms out and my hands touched the end of my belly. I could walk around with a plate on my belly and not even have to hold it - ready made table. I had to sleep sitting in a chair because when I laid down I couldn't breath. My skin on my round ball in front of me was splitting - yes - OUCH! My Dr. FINALLY found reason to induce me. Bek, the second twin, or affectionately known throughout pregnancy as Baby B, was measuring bigger than Abi, Baby A. This could provide complications during delivery. So, ten years I was one excited girl knowing that I would soon be holding my babies - outside of my body!

Ten years ago on this morning I was "giddy" as I woke John up with a video camera in his face - he was NOT giddy. We got to the hospital at 7 and by 8 I was one happy women - epidural in and numbing commenced. Our Baby A, Abigail Ruth, was born at 3:50 in the afternoon. No crying to be had - all I could say is "I wanna hear her scream - I wanna hear her scream!" The joy of hearing her cry - her first sound that I will never forget. A lot has changed in the last 10 years - I would LOVE to hear her be QUIET - hehehe! Immediately it was time for Baby B, Rebekah Ami - or so we thought. 5, 10, 20 minutes turned into an hour. "Kathy, if she doesn't come soon we'll have to take her c-section." "NO!" was my very firm reply. Another 5,10,20 minutes turned into another hour. "Kathy, it's been 2 hours. You have 30 minutes and then I have to take her." "Please, no." Not quite so firm now. And then God showered us with His grace and our Bek was delivered at 6:20 - with 10 minutes, of the 30 allotted minutes, to spare. Unlike her sister, Bek came out kicking and screaming. We've told the girls the following story every year on their birthday:
"Abigail said, 'I'm ready to come out and see my daddy!' So out she came. Bekah said, 'Ha! I have mom all to myself and I'm staying in and enjoying all this extra room. I'm not coming out!' " Our girls have been night and day since the day they were born.

They were nothing shy of ADORABLE this morning as they woke up (the first in the house to wake up mind you) and begin celebrating with each other. Choosing to dress alike, hugging and being excited with each other and of course both begging for a present. Our girls looked so grown up as they unwrapped a precious pair of earrings and a beautiful Psalm 23 bracelet that a dear friend in our church had made especially for them. From two little burrito blanket wrapped bundles of joy TO two beautiful bright blessings growing into young godly women -- what more could a mom ask for on the 10th anniversary of the day she became a mom?


  1. Happy happy birthday girl! Wish we could be there to celebrate it with you!

  2. No Erin - we wish that we were THERE to celebrate with you!!!

  3. thanks for sharing this story, it made my heart happy. It is cool to see how God is providing for you guys :)