Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We have had some sort of sickness in one of the four kids since the summer. Last night Abi started running a fever, then we found out today that Evan's eardrum has ruptured and he will have tubes placed on December the 8th, now Siah is running a fever -- third time in a month for that boy. We press onward knowing that the race we run is all for the glory of God = but honestly - right now = I have had enough. I know that these little fevers and such are NOTHING in comparison to what many parents go through with severe illnesses with their children. PLEASE pray that we will find joy in the mist of trials. That we will have greatful and thankful hearts and attitudes. Please continue to pray for this transistion period.

In His Grace Alone!


  1. Girl - I'm so sorry about all that's going on! What a bummer :-( Prayers your way!

  2. Oh I am so sorry. Just this morning I thought.."if only my children could be all better" and I have been through nothing compared to you. I am praying for healing to come your way and rest in the midst of it all.