Thursday, November 19, 2009

Climbing Trees

24 hours on antibiotics and the monkeys are back to climbing trees! Everyone seems to be getting back to normal - normal as a Clow can be. Thanks for your prayers. John and I are starting to feel a little worn down - please continue to pray for protection over our health.

Tomorrow we leave for an 8 hour drive north to John's parents who live south of Dallas.
Saturday we will head over to Austin where we will spend time with friends at Christ the King Pres. (we'll also be speaking on Sunday am). From there we attend John's cousins wedding on Sunday afternoon. After the wedding we'll head just a little north of Austin to see the Lorimors before heading back to John's parents for a few days. The day after Thanksgiving we'll head back to Harlingen and resume garage sales/packing/school/etc... WHHEEEWWWW! I'm tired just writing those sentences.

Thanks again for the prayers....

On the support raising end: no news this week on new supporters or one times. We continue to trust and hope in our Provider!

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  1. So thankful everyone is feeling better! Praise the Lord!