Saturday, November 7, 2009

Challenge Update - Week One

Praise God! We have had $60 in monthly pledges come in this week. Didn't meet our goal of 10 individual pledges -- but we know that "our ways are not HIS ways". So we rejoice all the more. We have had several others question us and ask how to send in pledges, but we don't know how much those pledges are yet. We have also been told that we have had some one time, but again we don't know those amounts as of this week.
Thanks for your prayers!

Tomorrow starts week 2. We are praying for 17 pledges of $20 each to come in this week. We'll rejoice and anticipate to see what God's ways and thoughts are for us this week!!!

If you keep up with world wide weather then you know that Central America had Ida blow through this week. We got word from our team that it wasn't as bad as was expected in La Ceiba, Honduras - black skies and some wind - - will they get rain, ??? Right now the team consists of just two families. Please pray for strength and encouragement for Mike and Erin and Maddy Pettengill ; and, Sean, Lindsey, Lucy and Ellie McCann -- as they carry all the workload of kids club, English camp, medical clinics - and just building relationships with the people. Mike, our team leader, is currently out of country - please pray for Erin and Maddy as they are in La Ceiba w/out him. Pray for Mike's safety as he travels.

On our personal family side: we are just 6 weeks away from packing up our home here in Harlingen and saying goodbye to best friends and church family. This will be hard transition for the kids -- please pray for them during this time of closer on MX. Pray for us, as their parents, that we would be able to wisely walk them through this transition. That we would model well saying goodbye and giving them the closer that we need as a family.

Also - our baby girls turn 10 on Tuesday! We can hardly believe that it was 10 years ago that 2 of our greatest blessings entered our lives -- we blinked away 10 years -- another blink and they'll be adults. I wonder how long I can keep my eyes wide open???

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