Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here is the latest from my friend Katie who I asked you to pray for several weeks back! PRAISE GOD for His faithfulness!!! The below is from her Caringbridge Journal kept up by her friend........

So - I updated too soon earlier.Katie's bloodwork numbers came back while she was at the doctor's office. The nurse who read them started yelling she was so excited!!Everything is down!!! In a GOOD way.Her tumor marker number is down. Way down!Her billirubin number is down.Her liver is functioning almost at a normal level.PRAISE THE LORD!!!!It would appear that all this nasty chemo stuff is working!I just wanted to share the awesome news with all of you.Thanks for all your prayers. Keep them coming.WAHOOOWAHOOOWAHOOOThat's me doing the happy dance.KHill

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