Saturday, October 17, 2009

Check In

I'm fast approaching one month since the last post - where has time gone? Well...I've started substituting and the kids school is keeping me busy - busier than I originally wanted to be. But, at least I'm getting paid now to be up at the school (I was up there a lot with PTA stuff - - - ). There have been 3 days that I was able to sub for Abi's class - that was a lot of fun! I love being around my kids, keeping an eye and ear on what they are doing, what they are learning, etc... Can you say - control freak? I prefer to say I am an observant and caring parent..hehehe! They are still at the age that they like me around - so, I am taking advantage of it.

This past Thursday I was able to teach my first Stewards of Children Training. This is a course by Darkness to Light. It is a course teaching adults how to prevent Child Sexual Abuse - it is an incredible program! If you ever get a chance to take it -- DO IT! I promise you won't regret it.
I am hoping to be able to schedule another one soon.

We have also been SUPER busy with soccer. Practice 2-3 X's a week with games on Saturday's. The kids are all doing well -- we are so proud of how much they have learned in the few weeks they have been playing on an organized team. The girls have been asked to play in a tournament in December!

For the past week and a half we have been dealing with the dreaded flu. PRAISE that all are recuperated and back to routine life - PRAISE that John and I were able to escape the 'bug'.

John has been busy sending out letters and contacting churches. We have had some discouraging days as we have learned of some monthly pledge losses due to change of ministry (from MX to Honduras). We are sad to report that we are now in need of 1,250 in monthly pledges and 15,000 in one time. We have received some one time gifts that we are so thankful for. Unfortunately because we are so low in our monthly, our one-time gifts are getting 'eaten-up'. We know that God is perfect in all He does - we know that in His timing we will be leaving -on a jet plane - for Honduras! Some days we just wish that He would let us see a glimpse of that timing.

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