Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update on Katie

Below is the latest post about Katie! PRAISE OUR FATHER - KEEP THE PRAYERS GOING!

Good Morning Friends of Katie!!!GREAT news awaited me in my inbox this morning!!! Mr. B (as Katie likes to call him) had already sent my morning update and WHITE COUNTS ARE UP!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!Do the happy dance. Shake it in celebration. Praise be to the greatest of all Healers, our Heavenly Father!!Whew-did you dance around the room!? I did when I read it. :)Below are Scott's words:
Good news this morning.Katie's white blood cells are up to 1.2 this morning.So her bodies ability to fight infection is coming back. The doctor said if it can get up to 2, they will move her out of ICU. So we aren't quite out of the woods yet, but we can see the edge at least with this particular critical event.He did leave us with an overall sobering thought. I asked about how we would move forward with treatment and he said they would adjust the dosages of her chemo and keep going. We will have to try and manage the counts better. His exact words were, "when you are backed into a corner with her disease, you have to throw a hail marry".So we still have a very long and uphill battle to get Katie back to full health but we seem to have weathred the worst of this storm.So please keep the prayers coming and I will continue to update.Thanks,Scott
Cool - just figured out I can change colors on here. FUN!So, Katie may be coming out of ICU in the next day or so, but the battle is NOT over. Nor is the war. Once Katie is out of this critical time, she will have to continue chemo (although adjusted) to fight the NASTY cancer that has invaded her body.Please continue to pray for Katie's healing - not only for this event, but total healing from the cancer.So, enjoy your morning coffee (or Diet Coke in my case) knowing that our sweet friend Katie is improving. In the words of the song that is running through my head... "Our God is an AWESOME God! He reigns!"Many Blessings,KHill

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