Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Updates

Support Raising: going fairly well. We have seen some increase in monthly pledges but not much in one time. We had a good chunk of money taken out of our account to pay for summer conference/training so that put us back in the negative. Some days it feels like one step forward and five steps back. HOWEVER, God has always faithfully provided and we KNOW that He will continue to do so! We just sent out our new prayer cards and latest newsletter via MTW. If you are on our support list then you should be receiving one. If you are not on the list and would like one, please send us your address and we'll get one in the mail to you.

Katie: My college friend who has been battling cancer. The latest report was that she was out of ICU. Her white blood count was going up but she was still fighting the blood infection. She spiked a fever again at one point, but it went back down.

Kids: Are doing fairly well in school. Rebekah has been having some focus/organization issues - but that's our sweet Bek. Please pray for her, she gets discouraged when her siblings "excel" in school and she has to work so hard at it. Abi and Si are doing great - no real issues. Evan - oh our smart little boy! He comes right home, straight to his room, does his homework, AND THEN gets mad when he doesn't have anymore to do! I am not sure I have ever met another kids who WANTS homework. I talked to his teacher today and she said that he is always the first to get finished. So, then he gets in trouble because he wants to help all his classmates -- she is going to start giving him extra work to keep him busy! On the health side of things we are battling some asthma with the boys. We got a mold test kit and there was significant mold in their room???? So, now we are trying to decide what route to take with that.

Kathy: Doing a million and one things as always. Last week she attended a "Darkness to Light" child sex abuse class. It was held in Ft Worth, TX so she got to stay a few extra days and spend time with a dear friend in Keller, TX. She's now busy at the kids school working on PTA 'stuff'. On Thursday she has an interview in hopes to start doing some substitute teaching. In between she is trying (being the key word) to start weeding out things in the house to sell in garage sales or take to consignment stores. Oh yeah - there's also the housework, laundry and cooking..smile...thankfully she has a wonderful hubby who helps out A LOT. Speaking of....

John: Has been busy busy getting out letters to churches, sending out prayer cards, making calls, etc... He has also been a tremendous help in the afternoons helping the kids with homework and spending this "furlough" season investing some great Daddy time in the kids. Last week he got to play 'stay at home dad' while Kathy was gone for 5 days. Tonight all four start soccer practice. Thankfully we were able to get Abi and Bek on the same team, so that means just three teams, practices, games that we have to coordinate! FUN TIMES!

Thanks for all your prayers! We will be glad when we can report that support is in and we are on our way to Honduras! We are all anxious to have our Home Mission Assignment year over with and back to work - working in the harvest for the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father!

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