Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sickness in the house

well, the Clows are back at it - ickies in the house that is. i am thankful that we were able to get through our two months of travel with very little mishaps and sickness. but, we are all worn down and our bodies aren't fighting as well as they should. all four kiddos are coughing and runny noses and evan has some impetigo on his legs and one hand. please pray that our bodies would get some rest and heal over the next week and 1/2 before school starts back.

4:30 this morning i awoke to a crying girl climbing in bed with me. abi had a nightmare and needed to cuddle with mom. after several minutes i finally got her to tell me what the dream was about. she was dreaming a tarantula was climbing on her - yuck! i think i would have woke up crying too. over the next hour she tossed and turned. i finally told her to go read a book in her room or something. not one minute later we hear this high shriek scream. i jumped up and ran towards the bathroom where the sound was coming from. abi had a grin on her face, "sorry! there is a huge roach in the bathtub." well, no going back to sleep after that. bekah woke up when abi screamed, so the three of us had a tea party in the living room. i think bedtime might be early tonight.

our team in honduras just finished a 10 day work team. they have another team coming on saturday followed by a second team the next saturday. tomorrow they say goodbye to their last summer intern. it will be just mike, erin and madison pettengill as well as sean and lindsey mccann (and their two baby girls) running the teams. please keep them in your prayers! you can check out their blogs to the right to stay informed in the work going on there.

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  1. So sorry the fam is sick! Yuck! And I think I'd scream too if I thought there was a huge thick hairy spider crawling on me too! Take care you guys! Love ya!