Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We are currently in NC at the MTW Summer Conference. MTW requires all Home Mission Assignment missionaries to attend a spiritual life retreat. We have had an extremely uplifting and renewing time here. The kids have had a blast playing with other missionary kids.

God has been weaving a theme into our lives over the past 6 months. Why would it come as a surprise that this week would also contain that same theme? What an awesome God we serve that He would orchestrate so much just to show us that we are His children and He loves us so very much. Even in our sin and battles; in our sorrows and darkness - He never turns His face from us. He never ignores us or disowns us. He never asks us to leave His side. In fact He wants nothing more than our fellowship and intimacy. He wants nothing more than for Him to be our all; for Him to be enough for us. For it ALL to be about Him!

So, I praise Him. I shout from the Mountaintops what an awesome God we serve! I shout and sing His praises and the joy, peace and love that He showers upon those He has called to be His. Lord God, You are awesome and mighty. You alone deserve all honor and glory and praise! To the praise of Your glorious grace for now and forevermore!

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