Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th

The past 6 years we have celebrated the 4th of July in either Mexico or Costa Rica. We are currently in Lawrenceville, GA where I (Kathy) grew up. This year the city officials decided to cancel the fireworks. My mom asked me if the kids were going t be disappointed. "Mom, the kids have never celebrated the 4th with fireworks. They won't be missing a thing." However, we did find a small pack of "legal" fireworks at Wal-Mart, that with some cans of silly string will be our celebration in my parents cul-de-sac.
To play catch up since the last post: we traveled back to TX and were reunited with out boys after 25 days apart. It was wonderful for the 6 of us to be together again. Evan spent the first few days telling me he missed me (about every 15 to 30 minutes, all day long!). On this past Wednesday we left TX and headed for GA. After being in the car for almost 15 hours we arrived in Lawrenceville. We are so proud of our kids as they were incredible passengers. We NEVER even heard, "Are we there yet?" Of course, we heard several times the hour count on the GPS. We will be here in GA until next weekend when we will leave for SC and NC, returning back to my parents on the 19th. We expect to return to Harlingen, TX sometime around the 1st of August.
Thanks for your prayers as we travel and meet all the requirements for our Home Mission Assignment year. We have missed being in MX, but God has blessed us abundantly during this year. I did see a post on the I55 Blog several days ago that you may want to check out if you haven't already. It's a few post old, so scroll down. It's about the salvation of one of the deaf kids! After 5 years the oldest kids are now capable of understanding the gospel!!! We anticipate that in the near future more of the deaf kids will be making their own commitments to live their lives for Christ.

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  1. I thought of you guys a lot this weekend. Last year I was camping with you all on the 4th!! Love you, tell the kids hi!