Thursday, July 30, 2009


Dear Faithful Supporters:

In 2001, after years of feeling the call and desiring to be missionaries, God directed us to join Mission to the World to be laborers in Mexico. After a time of itineration we officially arrived in Mexico in May of 2003. Since that time you have stood by us in prayer, finances, encouragement and working beside us. As you know, this past year we have been on Home Ministry Assignment (HMA). We have enjoyed being able to visit and give account of our first term in Mexico.
During our HMA God has revealed to us that our time with BEAMM and Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries has ended. We are thankful and blessed that we have been able to be apart of that ministry. God has taught us many things and prepared us for the next step in the journey with Him. We will greatly miss the deaf kids, the I55 staff and the work teams. We know, however, that our time in Reynosa is over and that God is leading us to a work elsewhere in Latin America.
At the end of May we were asked to prayerfully consider several different MTW church planting options in Latin America. One of these options was with a church plant team in La Ceiba, Honduras. After time in prayer, phone calls / e-mails, and a personal visit to meet the team in La Ceiba, we believe that this is where God is calling us to serve. On July 27th we accepted the invitation to join the Pettengills, the McCanns and their ministry there.
They are new MTW church planting team – just a year old. Right now the focus is on mercy ministries and meeting the needs (both physical and spiritual) of the people in Armenia Bonito, a village just outside the city of La Ceiba.
We ask that you pray for us as we make this transition. We are very excited and anticipate with great joy moving to Honduras. However, we know that we have to focus on getting prepared before we can leave.
We are still in need of both monthly financial pledges and now one-time financial gifts for moving, set-up and training costs. We ask that you will fervently pray with us for God to supply all our needs so that we may be able to leave for Honduras at the beginning of next year.
Our plan is to stay in Harlingen through the end of our lease in December, sell most all of our belongings, and move to Honduras sometime around the first of next year.


Monthly pledges: $1000/mo

One time gifts of: $15000-$20000 (for moving, set-up, additional training, travel, etc.)

Mail your pledges to:

PO BOX 116284
Atlanta, GA 30368-6284
Earmark 11197

Personal Contact:
2014 Marth St.
Harlingen, TX 78550
903-388-8667 = Kathy
903-388-8389 = John

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