Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures of the Kids

I thought I would put a few pics of the kids.

This was taken on Evan's first day to ride the school bus, I think?!? Anyway, I know they are waiting for the school bus!

Here is Abi and Bekah with their class on the last day of school.

Abi is on the outside row, fourth up. Blue shirt, white pants, and a pink jacket. She is looking/laughing at Bek.

Bekah is second row, third up. She has a red jacket on and is being silly with her hands up next to her face.

Sweet Siah! He is going to hate me calling him that in about 5 years. I am missing that little man so much. It has been 25 days since I have seen him. I have about 10-11 hours before I get to hold my lovable son!

Who can resist that precious smile? I can't wait to hear his cute little voice and feel those soft little hands around my neck as we hug. My baby boy turns 6 tomorrow! That makes us officially out of toddler years. (although he does still fit in 5T clothes - some 4T..haha!)

Oh I am ready to see my boys!

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