Sunday, May 31, 2009


For those of you who have kept up with us over the past years, the following will come as no surprise - in fact, I can just see many of you shaking your head and saying "I swear she makes this stuff up." But, nope, it's all true and factual. Although, I am convinced that our family would make a GREAT sitcom. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll write a screen play from all my Clow Communicator posts!

So, we had planned to pull the kids out of school early on Thursday and head north in our RV. It was just the day before that John had finally gotten the title/insurance/registration/plates/etc... all finished and ready (I won't even take the time to write about that fiasco!). I went to pick the kids us at 11:30 and we didn't get home until 12:45. Why? Because our kids had to go around the school and tell everyone goodbye. They took FOREVER giving hugs and goodbyes to their classmates. I have no idea where they get their "socialness" from? We finally making it home and it ends up taking us another 2 hours to finish packing. And we're off!

About 20 minutes down the road John and I start smelling a burning. We had already planned on stopping for gas in a town about 40 minutes away from Harlingen, so we kept on until we got there. John pulled in and I went inside to get some water and diet dr. pepper. When I came out the hood was up and John was slowing taking the radiator cap off. Yep, the RV died. Wouldn't start. John had pulled in to the gas station, turned the RV off, then realized that the tank was on the other side. He went to restart to move and it was dead. We called Scott and Stella (our pastor and dear friends) and asked him to bring us our truck so that we could pull the RV home. After about 20 minutes John retried starting the RV and it cranked right up. We called Scott back who was just about to leave our home with the truck - "RV started, we're driving back home, we'll call if we can't make it." Well, we made it, but the RV was starting to get hot again. We pulled it, transferred all our stuff to our van (minus the kids bikes - but hey, the kids fit!) and took off. We are now after 5 pm. And we wanted to leave at noon? HA!

We arrived safely at John's parents (2 hours south of Dallas) around 1 in the morning. And, very thankfully, we have had no more traveling disasters. The boys stayed with John's parents; on Saturday morning we flew the girls to my parents in Atlanta, GA; John and I continued on Saturday night to Chicago where we immediately got off the plane, got our rental car, and drove straight to Portillo's for the BEST EVER hotdog at 9:30pm. We are spending today here in Naperville and tomorrow we will drive to Michigan where John and I will be for the next three weeks.

We will be attending a Spiritual renewal/counseling retreat. We are looking forward to this time as we open ourselves up and allow God to refine and renew us; make us ready to return to the Harvest Field.

Please be in prayer for us during these next weeks. 1) that we would not worry about the kids, and that they would have fun with the grandparents - and that the grandparents would have fun with them! 2) that God would do a great work in our lives during these next weeks and that we would be open and willing to hear and receive what He wants to tell/show/do with us. 3) wisdom and guidance as we seek His will for our lives.

Thanks again for your wonderful support!

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  1. I have heard of Portillo's hot dogs! My friend would probably agree with your priorities in Chicago. I will have to try them the next time I am in Chicago.