Friday, March 2, 2018

Look To The Right

I just sent out our first newsletter of 2018.  It's in the sidebar under newsletters.  I also added a link to the newest video - team overview. 

All is well here.  John returns soon from his month long trip to the States. The boys and I are very excited about that!!! 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Why I Rarely Post

Not long after the last blog post which was in December, guess what I got? Yep, you guessed it, another anonymous email. This is why I don't post much on here.  Every time I visit this site I wonder what the next email will say.  So, for those of you who don't use face book, I'm sorry! Unfortunately it is just really better if I keep our updates more secure. We have lots of happenings going on.  From the each of the ministries to our personal family.  So, if you don't use face book and want to know what's going on - send a comment with your email address and I'll be happy to update you. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Curfew Ends (day 4-10) and OUR GIRLS ARE HOME

Curfew week was so quiet that there wasn't anything to really post about.  Until yesterday that is.

We have been planning for a month now to bring the girls home to Honduras. They were suppose to have flown in on Sunday, but due to the weather in SC, Rebekah couldn't make it out.  So we had to delay them until Monday.  On Sunday morning the opposing party called for a widespread shut down; 'taking the bridges', to start at 6am on Monday morning.  Meaning they were calling for protest that would block all traffic and movement throughout the country.

We thought we were going to have to postpone the girls trip again.  They were flying into San Pedro Sula and there would be no way to get them to La Ceiba.  I was devastated, but we wanted the girl's safety over our desire to have them home.  Our prayer was that the people wouldn't rally and protest.

The LORD answered our prayer.  There was some protesting, but not the violence that was happening a week and a half ago.  The military was able to keep traffic moving which meant John could get to the La Ceiba airport, fly to San Pedro, meet the girls and fly home with them.  It took them a little longer than the normal 20 min drive from the airport to our home, but they made it home safely!


We are looking forward to the next 3 weeks and 4 days that we get with them!  Hanukkah starts tonight; our family being together is the only present we all need!

Please continue to pray for the political unrest in Honduras.  It is not over and the potential for more protesting is imminent.  We just pray that it is as 'calm' as it was yesterday.  We pray that when the official announcement of the winning party is finally made - the end of protesting will occur.  That would be a miracle for sure.  But Hanukkah is the celebration of God's miracles.  So, during this Hanukkah week (as well as the second week of Advent which is peace), our prayer is for God to give us a miracle of peace in Honduras. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Curfew- Day 2 (really Day 3 of 10)

Day 2: but technically as i think about it, day 3 of 10.

To catch up
Day 1 started on Friday night at 11pm
Day 2 was Saturday
Day 3 was Sunday

(I'll post day 4 tonight - if I remember to!)

Yesterday was a calmER day.  We were able to have the Cains and Troxells over to the house just to check in with them and SEE their faces to know they were doing ok.  They are!  The whole team is feeling the effects of your prayers as nervousness and angst is really at a minimal.  John is seeing the McLaughlins today, but they too are doing well.  John has stayed in constant communication with the Teguc team.  Even though we can't see their face we know they are doing fine; keeping their trust and hope in the LORD.

The curfew goes into effect at 6pm every night.  That is the hour that the 'bang your pots' protesting starts.  Every hour on the hour, from inside their homes, protestors will bang their pots and make noise.  Last night we had some neighbors who chose to leave their homes and walk the neighborhood streets with their pans.  So, last night we had a small little parade in front of our home...all very peaceful.

It's strange as we have good friends in both political parties.  We remain very neutral and refuse to talk politics or give our opinion on the matter.  Our hearts just remain broken for the unrest of this country and people we dearly love.  This is our home.  The place our children have been/are being raised.  How can our hearts not break to see the depth of pain that the sin of humanity is causing.

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Curfew - Day 1

December 2nd, 2017

     On November 26th, 2017 the presidential Honduran elections were held.  Normally, the results would have been announced well within two days maximum. That would have put us on Tuesday the 28th (which also happened to be my birthday 😊 ).  Every day we have heard, "winner will be announced this afternoon."  Things took a turn for the worst on Thursday.  We woke up two mornings ago to hear that there had been riots and that the 'bridges were taken'.  That is the way of protest here, to block traffic from coming and going. 

     Our boys had gone to school that morning, but just two hours in we received a notice to come pick them up.  John and the other guys on our team finished up their meeting and everyone was back in their homes by early afternoon.  The vote count continued to drag on; still no announcement as to who would be the next president of Honduras.

     The protest began getting more violent.  Rocks have been thrown, many things set on fire, stores and banks have been broken into a robbed, shots have been fired, and people's lives have been lost.  Our hearts are breaking for the people of our beloved Honduras.

     We spent Friday at home celebrating Elias' 7th birthday! We made it as festive as we could. We even face-timed the girls in so that they could sing happy birthday and watch him open his presents.  We spent the day watching the news and keeping tabs on our team mates both here in Ceiba and in Tegucigalpa. Tensions continued to rise.

     In order to calm the emotions of the people and bring order to the streets, military was called out and as of 11pm last night we were put on curfew.  No one is allowed to leave their homes from 6pm until 6am until Dec 11th.  There is a list of other constitutional rights that have been revoked right now as the political unrest rises.  But, for us, that is the one that effects us the most.  Although, really - we are usually in our homes during those hours anyway.  Maybe just knowing it's a 'have to' instead of a 'want to' makes it feel different.

     As you would imagine, the stores have been emptied of most all food. Liken it to a snow storm or a hurricane. We are in 'weather days' right now; just weathering a different kind of storm - a storm caused by human nature and not God's control of wind and rain. 

     We can see some angst in our boys as they are trying to process this all. Our girls are having to watch from afar their beloved country in heartbreaking times.  As parents, we strive to be wise in what we let the boys see and hear.  We pray that our girls will stay in peace, leaving us and many whom they love in the hands of the Father.  Our team is doing well.  We are keeping in communication with all and will continue to do so.

     WE ARE ALL OK!   
Please hear me! We are safe, we have food and we are not anxious or panicked.  Our hope is in the LORD our God! He is keeping us in peace as we keep our minds fixed on Him. 

We do ask for your prayers for....

1.Honduras and her people - for the LORD to show Himself in a mighty way through this turmoil.

2. Wisdom for John as he leads the team here in country. He has many he is responsible for and he spends his waking moments in prayer for wisdom to lead them well. Join him, join us, in begging God for wisdom in all things.

3. Our children, and all the children on the team. From the youngest up to Josiah - that they would feel God's peace.  That they would have the ability beyond their years to understand what's going on.   ---- and that we would not all go stir crazy during this time ----

4. Peace within the walls of our homes. For the parents on our team to lead our children well, and use this time and situation to point our children to their great great Father!

5. Finally, that we would all be shinning lights to our friends and neighbors. That through word and deed we would be able to point others to Christ - to His peace and compassion; grace and mercy.  




Friday, November 3, 2017


It has been a rough couple of weeks for the PDE ministry (Puerta de Esperanza; single mom's home).  Two weeks ago I received a call from Alma, the director, asking if she could come talk.  Short end, she had to make the decision to tell one of the girls she had to leave the home.  Many disciplines later for behavior, attitude, lake of responsibility - the final straw was some aggressive behavior toward another girl in the home.  A few days later I went to PDE with Alma to inform the girls of the decision.  The harshness, the coldness, broke my heart.  This girl who had lived in the home for over a year, with a shrug of her shoulder, "no se preocupe, Kathy." (don't worry, Kathy). 

How can we not worry?  Sending a young mom and her 1 year old daughter out into the world.  She does have a mama in town who is willing to help care for the granddaughter, and she has a friend who is willing to let her live with her.  But, my real worry is not her physical needs of shelter and food.  My worry is the harshness that I saw and felt from her.  My heart breaks for her heart.  My heart breaks for Alma and the weight of the decision she had to make. My heart breaks for the house mom and the other girls and babies in the home who have been affected by the consequences of the poor choices that were made by a young mom. 

Just one day later, on an early cold Sunday morning (cold being relative - but yes, it was cold!), Alma and I sat across the table from a grandmother who is probably the same age as I am, if not younger.  She started out very defensive and then as Alma so loving explained to her the reasons why her daughter was no longer allowed in the home, we slowly saw a softening - or maybe she just ran out of things to be defensive about.  Alma handled the situation with amazing grace, yet sternness.  I am so proud to serve by her side. 

Not just with PDE, but over the past several weeks I have watched so many tender hearts have to suffer the consequences of the poor choices, sin choices, of others. But, I have also seen those same people extend such grace and love, while still holding the sin accountable to discipline.  So while my heart breaks for the suffering due to sin; I have to give thanks to our heavenly Father that there are His sons and daughters who are choosing to extend His grace and love to others. 

It makes me stop and evaluate my own choices and actions.  First: am I striving to have good actions, have the right attitude, say the right things -- so that others don't have to suffer for my poor choices?  Two: when I do fail and I am confronted with my sin, do I humble myself and ask for forgiveness and seek restoration?  Third: when others around me fall, do I extend the grace and the love of the ONE who has extended His grace and love to me so abundantly. 

Please pray for Alma and her very difficult role as director of PDE.  Pray for the house moms and the other girls and babies in the home.  Pray for the future girls that God will send to the home.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


 I just added the link to our October newsletter on the right-hand side.   Take a minute to open the link and read our October news. 

In our Honduras world we have now entered rainy season.  Our boys had a rain day today and they get another one tomorrow.  When they have kids of their own they get to say, "We had to walk miles in torrential downpours to get to school"  Instead of "we had to walk miles in the snow" LOL!

I had a rather funny generational moment with Elias the other day.  I told him he could go put a movie in the DVD player and watch it.  He had a very confused look on his face and the following ensued.

Elias: "it's not gonna play on the projector?" 

Me: ''the movie will play on the tv."

Still confused he just looked at me

Me: "You know how you put the Wii disk in the white box and the game plays on the TV? Well, you put the DVD in the black box and the movie will play on the tv."

Elias: "WOW!!! That is SOOO cool!"  says the kid who only watches netflix movies from the projector.